The Immune Status "Special" is an analytical program of flow cytometric lymphocyte phenotyping to obtain detailed qualitative and partially quantitative informations about the lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood, for determination of the efficacy of the cellular immune defence, for indications of acute or chronic immune activation during infections, inflammatory organ disease, autoimmune diseases or tumors; also for eventual overstimulation or functional deficiencies in the course of neurogenic immuno-inflammatory diseases like CFS, MCS, fibromyalgia, burnout, depression, stress syndromes or environmental disorders. The focussing on T cell-, NK cell- and antigen presenting cell (APC) activation markers allows also for the follow-up of immune therapies.

Tumour Immune Status (4M4740)

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Tumour Immune Status

Test Area:Lymphocyte
Test Type:Whole Blood

Turn Around Time: 14 days.