This profile measures six important estrogen metabolites and their ratios to help women, and even men, assess whether he or she is at risk of developing estrogen sensitive cancers.

  • 2-OHE:16α-OHE1 (2:16 ratio) - 2:16 ratios less than 2.0 indicate increasing long-term risk for breast, cervical, and other estrogen sensitive cancers. Importantly, nutritional interventions can help raise Estronex 2:16 ratios and decrease long-term risk. Studies also indicate that this risk is modifiable!
  • 2-OHE1:2-OMeE1 - a high level of 2-OHE1:2-OMeE1 may also indicate imbalanced estrogen metabolism and low activity in the COMT gene. Evaluation of methylation activity is recommended.
Simple Morning urine collection

Oestrogen Metabolism (HOR16)

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Laboratory:Ganzimunn Diagnostix
Test Type:Urine
Test Area:Hormones

Turn Around Time: 10 days.