Methylation Module 1

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** This event is being followed by Methylation Module 2 on 16th April in London. For non attendees this will be available on line by the 30th April 2015

Impaired methylation can create extensive problems all the way along the GI tract - poor motility and slow enterocyte turnover. This can lead to increased permeability and microbial overgrowth, GERD/reflux, constipation and poor pancreatic enzyme. This is module is Part One of the Two part series delivered by Robyn Puglia. Robyn covers the two biggest mistakes most practitioners are making with regard to methylation. and communicates why methylation is so much more than homocysteine and MTHFR. Learn how to investigate and understand problems in the methionine, folate, NOS and neurotransmitter pathways and deliver strategies to improve your patient’s health, and optimise their methylation. Recorded 16th Feb 2015

Methylation Module 1-Recording (AV001)

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Impaired methylation conference - Lecturer Robyn Puglia - Part 1 one of 2 -  Recorded 16th Feb 2015

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