This is a genetic test, to evaluate a polymorphism related to the DI02 gene. According to Thyroid UK Common Variation in the DIO2 Gene Predicts Baseline Psychological Well-Being and Response to Combination Thyroxine Plus Triiodothyronine Therapy in Hypothyroid Patients"

As we subscribe to the European Genetic Code of Conduct we cannot provide results of this test direct to the General Public. Results will be sent to you via your health care professional. If you do not have one who you wish to receive the results, then we are able to allocate an independent practitioner to you who will be an experienced Nutritional Therapist suitable to translate the information and give you general guidance.

If you are ordering his test from overseas you will need to purchase our international shipping service which is listed below.

If you require a counselling consultation directly arrange by us please use this link specifically for the DI02 SNP analysis

DI02 - Deiodinase 2 (GE045)

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DI02 Genetic SNP Test

Laboratory:Laboratoire Reunis
Test Type:Saliva
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Turn Around Time: 21 days.

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