While many species of Clostridium are normally present in the gastrointestinal tract, some are virulent, producing toxins that cause botulism, food poisoning, gas gangrene, tetanus and more. Several have been potentially associated with neuro-developmental disorders, including autism.

To aid in the identification and differentiation of Clostridium species, Doctor’s Data offers the Comprehensive Clostridium Culture. Their specialised anaerobic culture optimised for Clostridium detects nearly 40 beneficial and pathogenic species, including C. botulinum, C. tetani and C. perfringens, as well as C. difficile, which is often present in healthy individuals but can be associated with antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.  Symptoms are caused only when the bacteria produces toxins. If C. difficile is cultured at any level, the sample is automatically tested for all known toxigenic strains using an FDA-cleared, molecular diagnostic DNA assay at no additional charge. 

Comprehensive Clostridium (CMI08)

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Comprehensive Clostridium

Laboratory:Doctors Data
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Test Type:Stool
Test Area:Gut Health

Turn Around Time: 21 days.