The CD57+ cells document the extent of the immune suppression of chronic Lyme disease. Based on the current literature, CD57+ cells are prognostic laboratory parameters during and after the antibiotic treatment.

Clinical research studies and case studies have shown that chronic Lyme infections are often accompanied by changes in the cellular immune defense. Evidence for this is a decreased number of the so called Natural Killer-Cells (NK; CD3-CD56+), but particularly a decreased absolute number and parts of the activated NK-cells (CD3-CD56+CD57+). While acute Lyme infections and other illnesses show normal CD57-parameters, chronic Lyme patients often have a blood parameter comprising less than 100 CD57-cells/µl.

This change has been mainly observed in patients whose nervous system has been affected, rather than patients whose tissue or skeleton system was affected. The decrease of CD57 cells lasted until improvements in symptoms were achieved due to antibiotic and other treatment forms. In reverse, a decreased CD57 parameter is seen as a measurable signal for an active chronic Borrelia infection and can be a possible indicator for a successful therapy.

CD3-/CD57 + cells (Heparin+EDTA) (LDC02)

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CD3-/CD57 + cells (Heparin+EDTA)

Laboratory:BCA Clinic
Test Type:Whole Blood
Test Area:Viral
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