Shipping Fees

UK Shipping and Postage: Unless otherwise listed, all return shipping provided by Regenerus Laboratories is payable in addition to the laboratory testing fee. This can be paid by the client or invoiced to your practitioner account. The service offered by Regenerus Laboratories  is optional, so clients may use their own method of return service. Please note samples delivered out of normal working hours will not be processed until the next working day. Saturday deliveries of samples are not accepted

International: We offer international services where test collection kits are  sent from the United Kingdom "Export" to overseas destinations and where a specimen is being returned "Import" from overseas to the UK.  If you possess international clients we are happy to assist you .

Please note we are unable to offer 3rd party services. 3rd Party shipping is where the UK is neither the shipper nor receiver. E.g ,  if you are based in France and wish to send a test to Germany, we cannot facilitate this.  Some countries have shipping  restrictions and  prohibit the movement of biological substances or may just be problematic. 

All international shipping fees are payable in advance by the client or patient.  All  UK to International shipping fees are chargeable.


Shipping Fees  UK and international shipping guide fees are listed below and may vary based on volume and size, typically these are for items up to 0.5kg and exclude remote locations in rural areas.The following guide is for one test collection kit or a small amount of samples combined..Please select the country and its pricing code to calculate client shipping costs, the list is not exhaustive so please ask for assistance.  All shipping services provided through Regenerus Laboratories are wholly independent , occasionally samples may get delayed or damaged in transit for which we cannot be held responsible. Please see our published terms and conditions for full details. 

UK Courier Services

£9.50 ( Upto 1 kg in Weight) UK Mainland Via UPS 

£15.00 ( Upto 1 kg in Weight) Northern Ireland Via UPS

International Postage Fees -  By Non Tracked  Royal Mail within Europe

Small envelope items up to 100g will be charged at £2.50

Small package items up to 650g will be charged at £7.50

International Import and Export By Courier - Fees

Please use the grid below for guide prices, effective 19th June 2017

Export in GBP £

Andorra 21
Australia 27
Austria  21
Bahrain 27
Belgium 17
Bosnia 25
Brazil 33
Bulgaria 21
Canada 27
Channel Islands 17
Croatia 21
Cyprus 21
Denmark 21
Dubai 27
Estonia 21
Finland 21
France 17
Germany 19
Gibraltar 27
Greece 21
Hungary  21
Ibiza 36
India N/A
Indonesia 27
Ireland  19.5
Israel 32
Italy 21
Japan 25
Kuwait 27
Lithuania 21
Luxembourg 17
Malta 20
Mexico N/A
Netherlands 17
Norway 27
Poland 21
Portugal 21
Qatar 31
Romania 21
Russia 25
Saudi Arabia N/A
Serbia 27
Singapore 27
Slovenia 21
South Africa 33
Spain 21
Sweden 21
Switzerland 27
Turkey 27
UAE 27
USA 27

Import in GBP £

Andorra 35
Australia 41
Austria  33
Bahrain 45
Belgium 28
Bosnia 43
Brazil 55
Bulgaria 35
Canada 33
Channel Islands 35
Croatia 35
Cyprus 35
Denmark 33
Dubai 41
Estonia 35
Finland 33
France 33
Germany 33
Gibraltar N/A
Greece 35
Hungary  35
Ibiza 48
India N/A
Indonesia 45
Ireland  24.5
Israel 50
Italy 33
Japan 41
Kuwait 45
Lithuania 35
Luxembourg 28
Malta N/A
Mexico N/A
Netherlands 28
Norway 41
Poland 35
Portugal 33
Qatar 45
Romania 35
Russia 45
Saudi Arabia N/A
Serbia 41
Singapore 41
Slovenia 35
South Africa 55
Spain 33
Sweden 33
Switzerland 41
Turkey 41
UAE 41
USA 33

To  comply with shipping regulations and to process an international shipment we must have the full Receiver or Shippers Name, Full Address, Post Code, Country, Local Telephone Number and Email address. To avoid delay, please supply with order request.

Any UK customs and excise fees billed will be chargeable in addition to the carriage fees. Rural and Island locations may have further charges applicable which will be invoiced retrospectively.