Freqently asked questions "Cyrex"

  • How do I order Cyrex Lab tests?

    A: Even though you may be registered with Regenerus Laboratories, you need to register directly with Cyrex Labs at This is so you have access to all their information, to place orders and secure access for retrieving your patient results.

    Q: Can anyone Register?

    A: No, only qualified health care professionals can register. This includes Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nutritional Therapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and other similar health practitioners.  Those having qualified in recognised functional medicine courses will also be allowable, however, you will need to send in or email copies of your qualification certificates for evaluation.  Students typically will not be accepted until they are qualified. Your account will normally be open subject to all documentation checks, within 1 to 2 working days.  You also need to be trained, registered or currently practicing in the UK or Ireland.

    Q: I’ve registered, now what?

     A: You should receive an account opened email within 2 days. If not then do let us know so we can assist.  Once your account is opened you are ready to order.

    Q: How do I order ?

    A: Log back into your account on the Cyrex website, using your registration email and password which you supplied. Click on the Tab “Order Test”. This order screen is per patient. First you select the Arrays you want (Remember only 1 test kit is required per patient, no matter how many Arrays you select). You will be presented with a list of all the Arrays/Tests available. Click on your selection and then click next/ continue.  Now enter your patient’s full details and click next.

    Q: How and when do I Pay?

    A: You need to pay for your test after you have entered your patient’s details. You need to select either practitioner or patient to make payment.  Enter the payment details as requested.

    Q: Who do I pay and how much?

    A: You pay Cyrex Laboratories directly, not Regenerus Labs. You pay online, in your secure portal. All sales are in US Dollars and prices are displayed when you select the Order test button.

    Q: Where is my paperwork confirmation or requisition form?

    A: Only once you have completed payment can you print or save your requisition form. On your order page you can click on the word requisition by your patient’s details and can reprint as and when you require.  You need to ensure you provide a copy of the patients requisition form to your patient as they must supply this with their blood sample. Failure to do this may cause delays or worse still end up in rejection of the sample. Every requisition form is unique to that patient with their own barcode. You must create a new requisition form for every single client.

    Q: Where do they get a sample collection kit?

    A: We can supply sample collection kits directly to your clients, by posting it to their home address, or we can supply some kits to your clinic location to have on hand.  To order a kit, you need to email and lets us know how many, where and to whom they are going. Some of our central London blood draw partners already have test kits available so your clients in this case don’t need a kit if they are visiting them directly.

    Q: Where can clients get a blood draw?

    A: Regenerus Labs are building a network of sites around the UK who are familiar with the Cyrex lab test collection procedure. The list is growing at present and we are adding to the list as we go.  However patients are not limited to our network, they can use any site they choose in the UK as long as the site will provide a centrifuging service. Find a blood draw centre . For use of any hospital in our network payment should be made to Regenerus Laboratories, a payment form is enclosed with the Cyrex kit

    Q: I have clients overseas, is that a problem?

    A: No, we already dispatch testing services across Europe, Asia and Middle East to our practitioners’ clients. For Cyrex, as long as they have access to a blood draw and centrifuging service we can help. We will charge an overseas shipping fee for this service.

    Q: How are samples returned for analysis?

    A: Clients have the choice to use their own return service or the post office. However for convenience and ease we provide an optional UPS return service. Pricing within UK Mainland is £9.00  (Jan 2015)  , this is per occasion.  For international shipping please ask for shipping prices based on specific address.Please note this payment is separate to the Cyrex test fee and payable to us at Regenerus Laboratories not to UPS.

    Q:How do I receive my results and how long does that take?

    A: Results when complete will appear in the “My Order” section of your secure login. You will receive a notification email when they are ready to access. The maximum expected turnaround times is 14 working days, but frequently are ready far quicker than this.

    Q: I’ve had my results and I’d like to add on additional tests, do I need a new blood collection?

    A: No, once you have received your results you have 90 days from the date of the original blood collection to add on additional tests.  You can add on as many as you like however it can only be done once, after this a new blood sample will be required.

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