Cyrex Module 1

Recorded by Robyn Puglia, for the UK Cyrex Module 1 trainining in November 2014

This test is an entry level training session for Cyrex Array 2, 3, and 4.


Cyrex Module 1. A2, A3, A4.mp4 from Regenerus Labs onVimeo.

 Cyrex Array 20 - Training Lecture

Recorded by Antony Haynes, at the inaugural launch of Cyrex in December 2013.

Blood Brain Barrier Permeability.


 Cyrex Array 10 - Training Lecture

Recorded by Robyn Puglia, for the Cyrex Array 10 Training, 22nd January '15

Duration 1:45min

Video  material cover the launch of  and indepth analyis to Cyrex Array 10, with usage application.

Cyrex Array 10 - Introductory Video