Joining Cyrex

When you are ready to start using and require access to Cyrex, there is an extra step in the process when accessing from the UK and Ireland. You will also need to open an account directly with Cyrex, which you can do here  Join Cyrex. You must be a qualified health care professional and we will request a copy of your qualification certificate or confirmation of your registration number such as a GMC Number.

Why? Where Cyrex is concerned, for the UK and Ireland ,Regenerus Laboratories handle; all the logistics, provision of test collection kits, receiving completed specimens, technical support and training within the UK. However, we do not receive payment and cannot accept orders for the actual analysis and hence you do require your own account.  On the first couple of occasion this can be confusing, but it is truly worth the extra process.

Criteria for Account Approval: Registered to practice in the UK or Ireland with a regional address, suitable qualified and trained by a reputable body of allied health profession which is relevant to the range of tests available from Cyrex.

How to order from Cyrex.  Once you have registered with Cyrex you will receive a confirmation email and link to an orientation video. We do suggest you watch it. You will not have access until this has been dispatched to you.

The Order Steps:

  1. Visit and use your email and password to gain access
  2. On the left hand menu bar select "Order Test" to 
    • Select Chosen Tests
    • Enter Patient Details
    • Make Payment using your card or your patients card details. Please note currently all transaction must be completed with order. 
    • All prices are only trade prices only
  3. When payment has been completed, print the requisition form and provide this to your patient. If you wish to email this to your client then change the printer to "PDF Document". This will allow you to save the requisition form locally on your computer and them email it to your patient.

This now completes the payment and ordering process but your patient will require a blood collection kit which Regenerus Laboratories will send them directly. Please note this is not an automatic process and if your client is not based in or likely to use central London then you should request via email a "Cyrex Test Collection Kit". order test collection Kit  We will the collection kit to their home address. Client based in London can visit ourcentral London partners who already hold collections kits.

Important: The fees paid to you by your client for the laboratory analysis do not include the cost of our third party services for Phlebotomy or Courier services. please inform your client that these must be settled directly with Regenerus Laboratories. Please contact Regenerus Laboratories for pricing or more details.


All results notifications will be sent directly to you from Cyrex Labs and not from Regenerus Laboratories. When notified , you can access and download results by logging in at, clicking on the "My Order" page and searching for patient . Click on the link "Results" where you can print and download them.

Education and Training

Please use you links for further training Events and recordings