The Triad of Environmentally Induced Autoimmunity

14/04/2016 09:00 to14/04/2016 17:00 (GB)

London,United Kingdom

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The Triad of

Environmentally Induced



World leading clinical immunologist Professor Aristo Vojdani is joined by the BBC's Leading Functional Medicine expert Dr Rangan Chatterjee to present "The Triad of Environmentally Induced AutoImmunity".

Join them in London on April 14th, 2016 to explore and learn:

  • The critical importance of detecting autoimmune reactivity

  • How you can reliably and reproducibly identify autoimmune reactivity at an early stage, even before the appearance of clinical symptoms.

  • What strategies you can use to prevent and reverse potential autoimmune disease.

We invite you to be present at one of the most exciting and inspiring educational events of the year.

CPD applied for  | Open to health practitioners only

Registration 9am GMT | Commences 09:30 | Finish 17:00 | Refreshments and light lunch provided | *Gluten and Dairy Free available

Professor Aristo Vojdani

Aristo Vojdani, PhD is presently a professor of neuroimmunology at the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and is a past associate professor at the Charles Drew/UCLA school of  Medicine and Science. He obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the field of microbiology and clinical immunology with postdoctoral studies in tumour immunology at UCLA.

His ongoing research, spanning a 45-year career, focuses on the role of environmental triggers, such as toxic chemicals, infections, dietary proteins and peptides, in complex diseases.  Professor Vojdani's research and focus on predictive antibodies has resulted in the development of numerous antibody arrays for the detection of many autoimmune disorders. Of particular note are the arrays for autoimmune disease that originate from the gut and manifest as attacks on the body's own tissue or organs, including the brain. 

He holds 16 US patents for laboratory assessments, sits on the board of five educational scientific journals, has written more than 160 articles and has just released a book, "NeuroImmunity and the Brain Gut Connection".


Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Dr Chatterjee was devastated to discover, when his son was just six months old, that his baby had a life threatening condition. "He had a fit caused by low levels of calcium -  hypocalcemic convulsion - because of a vitamin D deficiency, and needed intravenous calcium as well as high-dose vitamin D to save him.

A career in renal medicine was his intention, but after initial medical rotations in Scotland, he returned to Manchester in 2003 to help look after his father, who was seriously ill with lupus and kidney failure.

The near tragedies forced him to confront an uncomfortable truth. Fourteen years of medical training had not equipped him sufficiently to detect a preventable condition with his own family. The episode changed his whole view of medicine and how he practiced it and now has become one of the most prominent Functional Medicine Doctors in the UK.

Dr. Chatterjee has gained membership of both the Royal College of Physicians as well as the Royal College of General Practitioners. He has a BsC Honours Degree in Immunology and has a special interest in autoimmune disease. In Autumn 2015, his groundbreaking 3 part BBCs primetime documentary "Doctor In The House" aired where he showed how powerful nutrition and lifestyle can be in both treating as well as preventing disease.

  • We are looking forward to seeing you this Thursday at "The Triad of Environmentally Induced AutoImmunity" & happy to reconfirm the following details.

    Date: 14th April '16
    Doors open: 09:00 am
    Event Commences: 09:30 am
    Finish: 4.30pm to 5pm

    Venue: Jeffery Hall, UCL, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL
    Map Link

    Nearest Tube: Russell Square, Piccadilly Line.

    The day will commence with Dr Aristo Vojdani focussing upon the science involved in understanding, evaluating and assessing Environmentally Induced Autoimmunity and its implications. Dr Rangan Chatterjee will then follow with utility in clinical practice, including in detail a series of his own case studies.

    Refreshments and a light lunch are included in the day. Full gluten and dairy free choices have been catered for.

    Please be advised that this event will be recorded for future access.

    Kind regards

    Regenerus Laboratories

    Justin MyCo, Justin Price
    12/04/2016 14:30


UCL, Jeffery Hall
    20 Bedford Way
    Greater London
    WC1H 0AL
    United Kingdom


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