The Gastrointestinal Health and AutoImmunity Connection

27/06/2015 09:30 to27/06/2015 17:00 (GB)


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Radisson Blu Hotel | Dublin
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The Gastrointestional Health & AutoImmunity Connection | Dublin | 27th June '15

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture
We are delighted to announce our Gastrointestinal and
Autoimmunity Workshop on Saturday June 27th. Book now to avoid
missing out on this great opportunity.
What will I learn?
The day will be broken into two subjects, investigating AutoImmune Disease and the Gut. We will be discussing AutoImmune Disease and how to assess the relationship to food proteins, including molecular mimicry caused by cross-reactive foods, and antigenic permeability of the gut barrier.
We will also be discussing the significant occurrence of Small Intestinal Bacterial and Microbial Overgrowth, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gut related issues that present commonly in clinic. Our aim is to provide you with a strong understanding of the laboratory testing available to assess the contributing factors involved in autoimmune disease, and the gut environment. At the end of the
day, you will understand the limitations and benefits of each test and why you would choose one over another in a given situation, when
you might run two together, and how you can better understand and influence the microbial environment of both the upper and lower GI.
Some of the tests covered will include but not be limited to Cyrex Arrays, Stool Analysis, Organic Acid Testing, Microbial Organic Acid
Testing, SIBO (breath) testing and more as may be required. Finally, we know that this event, which has been developed by practitioners for practitioners, will provide a clear, useful and concise “grasp” with practical takeaways on the involvement, appropriate identification and effective selection of testing for more effective patient compliance and thus outcomes. 
On behalf of Regenerus Laboratories we look forward to welcoming you in Dublin and sharing the day with you.


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From27/06/2015 09:30
To27/06/2015 17:00


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